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Adoption And Transformation

Our team introduces your business to the world of Microsoft PowerApps.  We always tailor-make our approach to suit the needs of your business. This enables you to transform your ideas into a functional, universal app.

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Power Platform support

Office 365 and Power Platform Support

Office 365 and the Power Platform. Could your company benefit from processes that are faster, cheaper, waste less time, travel, paper, storage? That’s the Power of the Power Platform, it can take repetitive mundane tasks and automate them to make them more efficient. Combined with the other PowerApps functionality, we can work with you to create solutions in a matter of days and weeks instead of months.

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Many organisations already have these licenses but are not using them. Imagine if you could achieve the following:

Gather all your business activities on a single platform.

Improves data accuracy

Streamlines process and improve overall business productivity

Bring extensive cost savings

Streamline reporting activities

Better facilitate remote working

These are just some of the benefits you could be enjoying when you get the most out of the Office 365 Power Platform.

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What is Office 365 for Business

With Microsoft 365 you get the newest version of Office 365 and security features

Power Apps

Microsoft Teams lets your team stay organized and have conversations all in one place.

Power Apps

Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint help you and your team be creative and work together.

Power Apps

Securely save your files in the cloud with OneDrive so you can get to them from anywhere. You can store any type of file including images, spreadsheets, presentations, and more. Then share and work in real time with your co-workers, no matter if you’re in the office or on the go.

Power Apps

Keep organized and connected with the mobile apps on your devices and stay productive from any browser with Office for the web.

Power Platform Professional Services

Your go-to provider for top-notch Power Platform Professional Services. Our team of experts has years of experience and expertise in Microsoft’s Power Platform tools, including Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and more.

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Power Apps Professional Services

Where we specialize in providing top-notch Power App Professional Services. In today’s fast-paced digital world, businesses need to adapt and innovate quickly to stay ahead of the competition

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Power BI Professional Services

Power BI is a powerful business intelligence and data analytics tool provided by Microsoft. It enables businesses to transform data into actionable insights, helping them make data-driven decisions and improve performance.

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Power Automate Desktop Professional Services

Power Automate Desktop is a desktop-based automation tool provided by Microsoft that enables businesses to streamline their operations by automating repetitive tasks and integrating various applications.

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Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation (BPA) is the use of technology to streamline business processes by automating repetitive and manual tasks.

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Custom Business Applications Professional Services

Custom Business Applications Professional Services is a suite of offerings that help organizations develop and deploy custom applications to streamline their operations, improve productivity, and drive innovation.

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Power Automate Professional Services

In an era where businesses must continuously adapt and innovate, automation is the cornerstone of success.

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Work and collaborate from anywhere and on any device with Office 365.

Microsoft 365 for business is similar to Office 365 for business, but includes Windows 10 and best-in-class security.

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